Hello, my name is Grace!  I live in a small yellow house with my family.  For fun we enjoy going to the beach, playing outside on our 3 acre property, playing minecraft, and watching TV together.  I am in the seventh grade and homeschooled.  I love to ride horses, write poetry, hang out with our animals (6 chickens, dog, two cats, two sheep with lambs, beta fish, and parakeet.), And a great 6 year old horse named Batman! He is so sweet!
I love to draw, write, read, take pictures and laugh.  I’m pretty shy, but I can get kinda crazy when I feel like it.  I own a pet photography business to take pictures of your pet for 10 dollars a session.  My email is grace@crandalls.net.  I am a devoted Christian who belongs to a fantabulous youth group.  I am in 4-h and show my darling sheep.  My mom is the author of Christ in the Chaos!  She writes for lots of blogs for other people, and even had a interview on the radio!  I love my family so much.  This blog isn’t about sewing and cooking and that kind of stuff.  It’s about life and thoughts and laughs and lots and lots of fun.  I will share jokes, sad moments, funny moments, touching moments, tips, questions, prayers, projects, prompts, and I might even throw in some yummy recipes.  But most of all, it’s about finding royalty, in Christ.

9 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Hey there Grace, its me Erin McDonald from VBS. i wasn’t there last year and I missed seeing you. But I would love to fallow your blog and I told some of my missionary friends about it too. They have kids your age and I think they will like reading about your life.

    • Thank you Mrs. Mcdonald! I miss seeing you at VBS! Thank you for telling more people about my blog! You are so nice! I hope you like it! Please pray that I will continue posting faithfully!
      Grace C.

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