I love Thanksgiving!  Who wouldn’t?  You get to eat yourself silly, watch football, and hang out with friends and family.  All of that is good and all, but what about the stress that goes into preparing for the perfect Thanksgiving.  There’s the pies to bake and the emails to send, not to mention cooking a perfect turkey.  Not too tender, not too tough, not too dry, not too moist.  After hours of baking (and complaining).  You are finally done.  You finished all of it and are ready to pack it in the car, or set the table with your homemade delicasies.  But wait, you forgot the cranberry sauce!  After much grumbling under your breath, you get it ready and again make to relax, not even thinking about how lucky you are to even have cranberry sauce, or any food for that matter.  You have family to laugh with, and table to eat at.  Every thing is a gift, from God.  Now think of your favorite natural place in the whole world.  Be it the Grand Canyon, Glacier National Park, or whatever you’re thinking of.  Then close your eyes and imagine you’re there.  You feel the wind in your hair, and the majestic beauty surrounding you.  Then all of a sudden the wind is gone, and with it the wild, sweet smell.  It’s like you’re watching a movie and the sound goes off.  It is deathly quiet.  No more eagles screaming or waves breaking on the shore.  You open your eyes and you see the color fading to a drab grey.  Finally, everything begins to melt.  Like ice cream off a cone.  The features of the land melt away and your are on a grey, flat plain. 

  See God could of created the world like that, with  only things neccasary for survival.  But NO! instead he created for us the sunrise every morning, and the fields of wild flowers along the road, or even the cheerful blue of a summer sky.  The leaves of trees didn’t have to change color, and horses didn’t have to be beautiful the way they are.  All this could have been gone, but it isn’t, and God still loves us, so pay attention to the blessings God gives us each and every day.  Especially on Thanksgiving.


2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving!

  1. You are right Grace. It really is amazing what God had blessed us with. Like each sunset is a new one, and the things are not just black and white. I love your blog! Aubrey G.

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