In the past week, both of my ewes have had lambs.  They both had twins, but sadly, only one of each survived.  It is very sad, but God used it for my good!  I am so glad that the living lambs are healthy! They are extremely cute, and weighed in at 9 pounds! 

    There is a girl(ewe) and a boy(wether).  The girl’s name is Gem.  It is short for Gemello, which means twin in Spanish!  And the boy is Friday!  He has curly wool, and spots!  I don’t have any pictures of Friday yet, because he was born last night! 

    Gem is a week old, and is very energetic!  Friday is also energetic, but will fall over if he tries to play:).  God has blessed me with these tiny blessings!  Praise the Lord!


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