Your Grace.

In this post, I want to talk about the reason I chose “your grace” for my blog title.  First, and probably the most obvious reason is that it has my name in it! 

    The second reason is, that, it is the name of a ruler.  Haven’t you ever heard someone in a cartoon or movie call a queen or king “Your Grace“.  In Alice in Wonderland, the rabbit calls the Queen of Hearts “Your Grace!”  Your Grace is the name of my blog because, Jesus is Royalty.  And one of the things he deserves to be called is Your Grace (along with Your Majesty, Your Highness, Your Super Duper Great Royal Better Than Anything King Who Saved Us All! (YSDGRBTAKWSA!)etc…) 

    The third reason is, that, God has ever plenty grace!  He is good and gracious everyday.  In many prayers, people say “Thank you for your grace!  I want to show God’s abounding love… FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That is why my blog is called your grace.



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