How to get homework done (quickly)

Homework.  One of the terrible things inflicted upon the slaving child.  (Ok, that was a little harsh:)  But, still, everyone who has to do homework is agreeing with me (maybe).

    Well, do you want to get that stinky homework done so that you can go be a kid?  Well, keep reading, this may be the post for you.

    Homework is a part of every person’s life.  It may seem like a big waste of time, and you would rather be running around outside, or playing a video game.  In truth, homework is a very good thing.  Studies show that homework helps a child’s brain function at a comfortable environment, and helps them work independently.  But, I shouldn’t waste my time trying to get you guys to believe homework is good, lets get right to the point. 


Here are some ways to reduce the amount of homework in the first place! 

  1. Work very very hard at school. 
  2. Do. Not. Get. Distracted!!!
  3. Work! Work! Work!  Every free moment in the classroom (not recess) do homework!
  4. Don’t dilly dally.
  5. PRIORITIZE!!!! Do the hardest subject first, then all the way to the easiest. 
  6. Once you get an assignment, start working on it!
  7. Pretend that you are a secret agent filling a report, or a scientist taking data.  Being someone else makes work fun!

    Having a study buddy can also be very helpful!

    Now, to getting homework that you do have, done. 

Start out by finding the thing that takes you the longest. For me, its math. For my brother, its reading. Once you have figured out that one subject, prepare for homework.
Of course, you are probably thinking; “What! I just finished a long day of school, and she wants me to do homework!”. Yes, you just had a very long day at school, but you need to finish that evil homework. So, let yourself have a little break. Eat something healthy (Carrots, apple, orange, granola bar) and drink a BIG glass of water. Maybe take a minute to rest, and then crack open the pencil case. Here are the steps to getting your homework done.
1. Find a place to do it: If possible, try to avoid doing it in your room, and never do it in your bed. Doing it in those places tells your body and brain its time to relax, instead of working hard. The best place I find to do my homework is in a distraction free zone, far away from the TV and electronics. I usually do mine outside on the porch. Make sure your work area is brightly lit.
2. Start on your hardest subject. Work NON STOP for 30 to 20 minutes. Then, relax for 5 minutes, then back to work.
3. Keep 5 or 6 SUPER sharp pencils buy you all the time. Have a binder full of crisp, clean, white paper, so you don’t go to get more, and “on accident” stop to watch a cartoon or something.
5. Refresh yourself with a sip of water, or a veggie from time to time.
6. BE MOTIVATED!!!!!!!!!!!!! Make up a homework game or contest that helps you get your homework done.
7. Sing a song in your head, or say the problem out loud. I don’t know about you, but that helps me work faster without hurrying.
8. Set a rhythm, or reward yourself with a snack or a break everytime you finish a subject.
9. Have fun doing it!
10. Thank me for giving you these tips;).

I hoped that this post helps you get that EVIL homework done!

Comment if u have any questions:P

Grace C.


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