Real Life Breyer Horses: Irish Breeds

This post is not mine. It just caught my eye! Many breeds are special to their home country!

Stable News

This St. Patrick’s day, people all over the world will be Irish for a day and celebrate the special place that is Ireland. Many horse lovers know that this beautiful country also heralds beautiful horses with some breeds that are special to Ireland only. Come along with Golden Oak Stables and explore the lovely land of Ireland and the amazing horses that live there!

Many youth riders start off with a pony of their own, in Ireland, this pony is the Connemara Pony. These compact little sport ponies come from Ireland and are all heart and soul. The Connemara Pony has become a favorite mount for both pleasure riding and competition for both children and adults. The Connemara Pony is a horse with a lot of soul and a lot of talent. Typically, Connemara Ponies are known for their grey or bay coats and their sleek sport pony looks.


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