Hi again:)  I am so so sorry that I haven’t been writing much.  I’ve been sick in bed with the flu, and I really didn’t feel like writing.


Ok, in this post about Easter, I want to talk about promises and betreyals. 

Jesus was scared of the cross.  Ok, we have established that.  But,you may ask, “Why was he afraid?  Wouldn’t God take care of him?”  The answer, surprisingly, is no.  God would not take care of him.  That was the whole purpose.  Being crucified was hard enough, but every time someone dies, they don’t save the world.  Jesus lept in front of us, without a thought for himself, he intercepted the “bullet” of God’s wrath.  All of God’s wrath, enough to destroy an infinity number of universes, was all unleashed upon ONE SINGLE MAN!  God completely turned himself against his own son.  Along with the million pain, there was the emotional pain of being turned upon, and forgotten by God.  I could write a 100,000,000 page book about the pain he underwent for US.

    This Easter, we need to thank God. He is the reason we have hope.  He gave us life on the day he died.



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