The horse I want, A Poem

Most girls,

Who want a horse,

Dream of beauty,

Of course.

Markings bright,

Noble and wild,

In any fight.

Big and strong.

When your the only one,

Who can ride her.

And you never sit wrong,


But the horse I dreamof,

Is one that is……

Not like that.

Any old color will do.

I don’t care for flashy roans,

Red or blue.

Or beautiful blacks.

And whites,

No talent they lack.


A chestnut,

Or bay,

Is quite O.K.

Even a Horse slightly bent,

Pigeon toed,

Or sporting a dent,

Is fine.


It doesn’t have to jump the highest wall,

Or leap the highest fence.

It doesn’t have to be very tall.

He doesn’t have to win the fastest race.

Or have beautiful markings to trace.

He can win last in everything,

For all that I care.

As long as he tries,

Fair and square.


I don’t care if its a horse.

Fast or free.

The only type of horse I want,

Is one that will take care of me. 



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