So, here is another post in Easter!


Have you ever wondered why Jesus lived a full life on Earth, instead of coming, and dying.  It’s not like he wanted to enjoy the scenery, when he could enjoy heaven! 

    Many people thank God everyday for coming and dying for them.  Yes, it is wonderful that Jesus died for us, but they are missing another key part!  That Jesus lived for us!  He lived AND died for us.  He didn’t just come down from heaven on some Tuesday, and die on Wensday!  No, he lived the real thing!  For 33 years!


    Part of the agreement he made with his father was, that he would keep the law perfectly, then die!  Not just die!  He had to go through every temptation known to man, but he was not tempted!  He stayed strong and perfect!


Imagine what it would be like to have Jesus as a brother.  Would you be frusturated that he never got in trouble when you did?  Was he always loved on and favored because he was the best?  Or, would it be weird to know that your bro was really the ruler of the Earth, who came down from heaven as a baby to save you from your sins?  So, you would play checkers with the savior of the world.  Pretty weird huh?

God lived on Earth.  He lived among us.  He became part of this Earth, without falling into its temptations.  He lived the perfect life, and kept the law, for US.  The very people who killed him…


Dear Jesus,

Thank you so much for coming to this world, and not only dying, but living for us!  Words can not explain your wonder!  We are indebted to you!  But, we are free from that debt, for you have forgiven us!!!!!!!!!!



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