I really miss him

I am dedicating this short post to my (former) horse Romeo.  He was such a gentleman, friend, and buddy.  I miss him so much.  I loved him most of all towards the end of his life, when I could no longer ride him.  He always loved me, and did his best.  Of course, there was bad days.  But, he always made up.  He was an “ordinary” horse.  He had come off the racetrack, broken down.  He was a chestnut horse, with a white diamond on his forehead.  I got him when I was 7.  He was my first horse ever, and I couldn’t think of a better horse.  Even though he had arthritis, and feet problems, there was never a nobler steed in my 7 year old eyes.  He carried me where I wanted to go, even if it was back and forth in the arena. 

    I made him a promise, some years later.  I promised I would ride him in a show one day, when his feet got better, and he learned to be ridden in front of a group of people.  I “trained” him at our house.  Hours of trotting back and forth, back and forth.  Sometimes, when he was too sore to be ridden, I would climb up on his back in his pasture, and read.  I always had one foot on the rail, incase he tried to move.  But, he never did.

    I never got to complete my promise to him, but I am sure he forgave me.  He got colic one day, when I was playing with my friends.  A few days later, we put him down.  I cried and cried, but I know he is waiting for me in heaven, with all my other pets.  But, none of my other pets help such a special place in my heart as Romeo.

This is a saying I found on google.  It is from a wordpress blog called:  Natural Horse Lover.


    That is so true.  Romeo left a herd amount of hoofprints in my heart.  It was one of his gifts.

    Here is something else.  It is called the rainbow bridge. 


I can just imagine him waiting for me there.  He is having the time of his life, in the waiting line :’).


Here is another one from pintrest:


    Romeo did those things.  He would follow me in the pasture, and scratch his head on my leg.  He loved me, and I loved him.  He was my love.  He knew I loved him, and he loved me back.

    He may not have hade the cleanest stall.  His water got dirty sometimes.  We maybe forgot to pick out his hooves someday.  But, he knew we weren’t perfect, and he was patient.  He always thanked us for the stuff we gave him, by a long, loving look in the eye.  And, that was all I needed to know he loved me. 

    He loved his food.  Everyday, as I carried it up the hill to his pasture, he would buck and gallop along the fence, calling to me to hurry.  Once, I put it down, he dug his nose in it hungrily.  That was one of the hardest things to adjust to once he was gone.  The neighing, and bucking, as I gave him his food.  After he was gone, I even caught myself once or twice, loading my arms with hay, getting ready to bring it up to him.  Then I remembered, and it was sad. 

    I miss you Romeo.  I miss taking you your food.  I miss braiding your mane.  I miss combing your tail.  I miss waving hello to you as we drove up the driveway, you waiting in your pasture.  I will miss those days when I hosed you down, even though you weren’t running.  And, most of all, I miss those days when I would sit in the dirt while you ate, reading a good book out loud to you.  Hearing the slow munching of you eating.  It would darken, and the orange sun would cast one more golden shadow over the pasture, and I would give you a kiss on the nose, and tell you I would see you in the morning.  Then, you would heave a contented sigh, and close your eyes halfway, and watch the sun set, with it shining softly on your back, the day over. 

    You were a friend Romeo.  I think of you often.  Even though I am getting a new horse, he will never hold the same place in my heart as you.  You where the one and only.  You where that old chestnut with the star on his head, and the greying foot, the one that was the most beautiful creature in the world to my young self. 

    Thank you Romeo, for all you have taught me about love, friendship, patience, and most of all, perseverance.  You hung on as close as you could at the end, and I admire you for that.  You have taught me teamwork, and the importance of being unique, and never giving up.

    You may not have been flashy, or fast.  But, you where the most amazing horse ever born.  You didn’t have to jump the highest jump, or run the longest distance.  You were you, and perfect the way you are.

    In my heart, you will always be the noble steed that taught me how to love.  I shall remember you, but I shall not mourn for you any longer.  You are in a place where there is no bad things, waiting for me to come, and we will gallop together, all of our guilts and sorrows gone.  A small girl on the back of an old, loving chestnut. 



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