Fire Season!

Well, its officially here:  Fire Season! 

    Better clear that brush, water your plants, and keep a look out for stray flames.  It has been windy and dry, perfect fire conditions.  Summer seems like it has started months ago, when it is still spring.  Just the life of Californians!
    Many fires have already broken out, the most recent being in Del Mar.  The air quality is NASTY after the smoke flew through air toward all the surrounding towns. 

    Hot, dry, and windy… in Spring.  I really doubt the Summer will be much better.  But, to lift out spirits about the fire warnings, here is some fun, fun facts about this dangerous chemical reaction!


1.  Some seed pods can only open if they are lit on fire.

2.  Fire is good for the ecosystem.  It cleans away piling up brush, and allows plants to grow back greener than before!

3.  A candle flame burns at 1800 degrees F.

Fire can be quite amazing, if you look at it the right way!


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