My Vacay!

So… how has your summer been so far? I know mine has been great! It is flying by like a winged jet. And it has been hotter than a porcupine in a campfire around here. Like my metaphors? πŸ˜€
Anyway, I kept a notebook of my fun on vacation to Hume Lake. Hume Lake is a fun Christian camp centered around a HUGE lake. It has lots of fun stuff to do, including: A high swing called Noah’s Nightmare, a bouncy water launcher called The Blob, canoes, kayaks, paddleboards, surfboards, bikes, rafts, and shuffle board courts for rent! This year, instead of staying in a lodge, we rented a private cabin! Here is some entries from my notebook:

Yesterday, we arrived at about 1:00. We unpacked, sunscreened, and went down to the lake. I went to the General store. I bought some bait, hooks, and line. I fished without a pole :D. I caught some young rainbow trout!
After catching a fish and playing in the water a bit, I went to the store with my brother to buy something with his spending money. He bought a dino head filled with tiny plastic dinos, and some red, white, and blue shade glasses.
Dinner was pizza! After dinner we went back to the cabin (but not before I fed the ducks). Some ducklings came up to me and let me pet them! Sadly, one duckling had a chipped beak, so I gave her extra food.
After, we went back to the cabin and goofed around. We all shared some embarrassing stories on the old wooden porch. After, we ate Cheezits and watched Napoleon Dynamite. Oh…that movie πŸ˜€
The cabin is a VERY old building. It has a small, creaky ladder leading upstairs. The upstairs is hot and musty, but it is a good hideout. The other kids slept up there, and I slept on the couch. (Don’t tell anyone, but the creaky roof scared me. I did not want to fall through!). The kitchen was teeny tiny! A small TV was mounted on the opposite wall.
In my next post, I will talk about some of the nature parts ;). Stay tuned!

Grace Crandall; observer.


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