The Dust Bath

This is a brief description of a hen taking a dust bath 🙂

The hen brushes the dirt toward her until a moist pile surrounds her. She glances around with a snooty look. Satisfied that she is not being watched, she flops to her side. Her head lolls back in sheer enjoyment. Gently shadowed leaves whisper in the wind above her head. A girlish cluck escapes her beak as a refreshing breeze wafts by. It ruffles her feathers, and she growls deep in her throat.
Suddenly, her beak is tucked neatly under her bosom, and her legs fly into the air. She curves her wings and scoops 2,3,4 piles of dirt onto her ruffled body. Giving a small sigh, she reclines.
After a moment, she flies back into action. Ruffled feathers shake violently and her feet dig into the earth. A small puff of dirt floats off of her body lazily.
Then, in mid shake, she sees someone watching. She utters a short, piercing scream. Not unlike a lady caught undressed. Quickly regaining herself, she pretends she had never been doing it.


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