The Song of the Wind

The birds chirp and the trees rustle in the breeze. A mouse scampers across the leafy floor with a loud squeak. A horse chomps noisily on his hay, and a lamb baas. A rock tumbles somewhere, landing face down. Some insects pipe up a summer chorus and ants march across a grain bag with a pitter patter of tiny feet. The barn cat stretches and yawns, then utters a hunting cry as it dashes of in pursuit of a butterfly. The sound of a cow lowing quietly in a corral far away is cut off by a distant squeak of automobile tires. The wind moves in another burst, causing a tree limb to creak slowly. A hose trickles a last bit of water and a hummingbird hums a melody. The flowers shine bright in the fading sun. The old barn creaks under the weight of hay and the roughness of many seasons. A bat flies, squealing, from the rafters. A mother owl nestles on her eggs as a hen clucks to chicks below her. A horse snorts, and the world falls silent.

A girl, tiptoeing on stockinged feet approaches down the path dappled in shadows. A stillness is over her face as she looks around into the quiet. A distant airplane mumbles, and it is the only sound. She treads quietly, almost afraid to breathe, to break the magical spell of silence that surrounds the world. Everything seems frozen in time. A light nightgown swishes around her ankles. It brushes into watchful trees. Their leaves bow in respect to the folds of material. A serene look enters her eyes, and she looks toward the darkening heavens. Long, dark hair swirls around her shoulders. Deep hazel eyes scan the moment of stillness before her. And she begins to sing. A song that carries over yards, countries, and worlds. And the world breathes again and the world joins in her song.

She smiles to the peaceful, joyous world, and fall to her knees. She looks towards the trees. They bow in the wind, dancing with the grass at their feet. Her sweet lips utter a clear sentence. “Thank you, Lord.” The world falls silent, worshipping. The girl turns, and tiptoes away, with the moon to guide her back to her bed.


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