The Tooth that Wouldn’t Come Out

That wiggly tooth just
No matter how much,
I mumble and pout.
I squeeze and pull,
Bump and roll,
But it stays in tight.
Then I say “Alright”
I go to the door
With a string.
Mumble to myself,
“Let’s do this thing”
One end round the tooth.
Other round the door.
I seat myself crosslegged on the floor.
Then with a shout,
I slam.
Trying to pull my tooth out.
But it is in tight!
What a fright!
No matter how much I fight
It stays in.
I mumble and grin,
An idea appears.
An idea that I have always feared.
Pull it out with my own two hands.
I trudge to the room,
Wanting to go back.
I hold my hands to my loose mouth…
It comes out!


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