Do you really know?

I have heard so many people say that horse back riding is easy.  “You just sit there.  The horse does all the work.  Anyone could do it.”  But then I turn and say to them;

Have you ever trusted your life with something that could kill you?

Have you ever felt what it feels like to fly?  To fall?

Have you ever created a bond with a 1,200 lb. animal that speaks a different language?

Have you ever fallen going 35 miles per hour?  From 7 feet up?

Have you ever felt like you could die?

Have you gotten up at 5:30 each morning to feed a living being?

Are you more balanced on an animal than your own two feet?

Have you ever had a passion so strong that it blocks out all other things?

Have you ever had to say goodbye to your dance partner?  Forever?

You had better think twice before saying that it is ”easy”.  I don’t think you understand the sweat, tears, and blood that goes into the sport.  Yes, I don’t mind if you say it isn’t a sport.  Because it isn’t.  A sport is playing to win.  Riding is playing to get better.  No sports player has higher goals than a rider.  And no sports player has stayed up long hours, by the side of a sick horse.  No sports player has given their heart and soul to each day, every day, get up and take care of their partner.  No sports player has had their heart torn in half.  No sports player has watched their partner die.

Before you say it is easy, think again.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


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