Conflict In Celestia

A long time ago, there were horses known as Dark Horses.  These horses were bent on the destruction and chaos of a place in the clouds known as Celestia.  But, try as they might, they failed.  The Wild Warriors, guardians of the elements, layed down their lives to save the horses of Celestia.  In the years that followed, there was peace.  Until, rumors of Dark Horses returning began to spread.  Fear followed those rumors, and so the search for the new Wild Warriors began.  For when the original Wild Warriors died, they told them that there was more.  More Wild Warriors, concealed in the bodies of normal horses.  And so, Earth and Water were found and brought to Celestia.  And then, Fire was born.  Through a series of events, he was found and also brought to Celestia. But in the celebration of Fire’s finding, a Dark Horse appeared in full power.  Now, the race to find the last Wild Warrior, Cloud, is on.  Will they find him in time, or will Celestia fall under the reign of Dark Horses?the_blazing_horse_of_the_night_by_jorgeyu-d5yfupy (1)